• Starry Moonlight Restaurant

    Starry Moonlight Restaurant

    The “Starry Moonlight Restaurant” at the top floor of the Moon Lake Garden Hotel overlooks the waters and mountains of Sun Moon Lake, and is right under bright and clear starry sky. We once again give you a place filled with delicacies.

    This restaurant, with a capacity of 90 guests, is divided into two independent areas. The chef combines Sun Moon Lake specialties and edible wild herbs with unique cooking skills, and creates fresh and delicious dishes to your satisfaction. You are in for special delicacies of unique flavors.

    The expansive view of the “Starry Moonlight Restaurant” allows you to feel you are above all. Through the mountains and waters, you can really enjoy comfort and ease. Experience the true passion of nature as you see the ever-changing scenery. No matter dusk or dawn, rain or shine, Sun Moon Lake offers each and every traveler a true and eternal promise.

  • Lake View Restaurant

    Lake View Restaurant

    Lake View restaurant has absolutely fascinated and unique view at the Sun Moon Lake through ceiling window. Each season reflect a different kind of view of the lake, the close distances of the restaurant from the lake makes the dining experience superb.